Caring for loved ones can be challenging. That’s why we have created a simple care coordination solution so you can easily manage your loved one’s care, make your life easier and improve their living conditions.



We+Care is designed around carers' needs, helping them coordinate better in order to support the care recipient.

Group 11

Care coordination, organised in WeApps. Manage your care group, set and track a daily plan, send requests for help. With more coming soon.

3. Care Group EN-2

Care Group
Manage your care group
Include family, friends and professional carers
Manage care recipient’s profile and important details for everyone to know
Allow member access at WeApp level

4. Day plan EN-2-1

Day Plan
Set a day plan and manage tasks
Create daily, weekly and custom repeating tasks
Track who completed each task
Track notes on each task
Browse by date
See all history per task

5. Requests EN-2-1

Send help requests to the group
Track responses to requests
Schedule when request notifications are sent

We+Care is now in beta. Fill in your details below and join!

We+Care is provisioned by Pro Aidants, the Swiss Carers Association. Thanks to the «Care Promille» donations of our partners, the service is free of charge for family carers.

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