The We+Care app supports informal carers in creating and operating a support network. For tailor-made coordination of aid organisations, social counselling, neighbourhood relief services, social assistance, discharge services from hospitals, day-care facilities, medical home care and family doctors.

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Everyone on the same page.
Near or far.


Basic care coordination functions, such as creating a group for the family, neighbours and friends, defining the daily routine and sending a help request to the group, are all packaged in simple, easy-to-use WeApps. Through WeApps everyone can easily contact each other and exchange insightful handover reports. Our WeApps give you peace of mind also from distance, that everything is fine in the apartment of your loved ones.

With better orchestrated care solutions the family saves time and money while lightening the burden for everyone involved.

Collaboration among inter-professional teams.


Driven by the carers consent, handover reports can be exchanged with inter-professional teams across organisational silos in a secured and structured way. Your employees receive contextual relevant care-notes in your organisations preferred format. This could be an email, a PDF-form, a team-chat notification or directly within your primary system. We+Care integrates and adapts to your organisation’s workflows.

Most importantly, you can make your services directly accessible to carers in the form of WeApps. It is very easy to do and offers you a digital channel to your customers.

Provisioned by regional communities of providers.



In Switzerland the We+Care app is provisioned by Pro Aidants, the Swiss Carers Association, a national membership charity for informal carers uniting long-term care providers and public agencies in a non-profit operations consortium. With the mission to provide better coordinated services in the fields of advocacy, social care, medical care, nursing and respite services to the needs of carers.

More regional partnerships are coming soon. Get in touch with us to learn on how to provision We+Care in your region.

From carers, to carers.

We+Care has been developed by a team with experience in caregiving duties, as well as a track record in product development, technology, marketing and business transformation. The team has international experience working with public agencies, care organisations, tech companies and startups.

Patrick Hofer
MarCom & Business Development
George Kapetanakis
Technology & Product Development
Konstantinos Papagiannopoulos
Service Design & Digital Transformation
Richard Züsli
Public Health & Welfare Partnerships

An extended team of designers, software developers, researchers, social workers, nurses and communication professionals complement our diverse, multi-disciplinary group.

Supported by the AAL programme.


The pilot project has received €1.5 million in funding from the EU’s AAL innovation promotion program co-financed by Innosuisse, the Swiss innovation agency.

Social impact investment opportunity.

We+Care is a proud member of the Samsung for Impact Ageing Society Accelerator with BlueLion Foundation, the Zurich incubator for ICT startups and SEIF, the Swiss pioneering organisation for social entrepreneurship.

Learn more about the opportunity to invest in the informal care sector.

Investment opportunity