Caring for relatives can be a challenge. Carers often do not find a suitable offer. Because they don't know what kind of support they need. Or they can't find the right advice on what to do in the abundance of information.

Advice from carers for carers.

The team consists of Katharina, Dorothee, Joachim and Doris (from left to right). They work, for example, at a contact point in a municipality or have been accompanying and caring relatives for many years themselves. Now they are making their valuable knowledge available here.


Knowledge for Carers.

Do you have a question about caring for relatives? 

There is a wealth of valuable information available from various bodies and organisations. We have now compiled the first knowledge articles for you in our new knowledge database.

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Swiss Carers Forum.

Exchange information with other carers of people in need of help and care.

Opportunity to speak out and help shape current issues, such as the strategy for family carers.

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