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Overview of social insurance benefits for assistance, care and nursing.

Providing support for a family member can be emotionally and financially challenging. Fortunately, in Switzerland, many options are available to help.


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Paid leave days

There is a possible entitlement to paid leave of up to three days per event and ten days per year. According to the Swiss Code of Obligations, the prerequisites are the need to care for a family member or partner in the event of a health impairment.

Helplessness allowance for pensioners

The OASI helplessness allowance varies depending on the degree of severity and ranges from around CHF 245 to CHF 980 per month. Prerequisites include Swiss residence, helplessness for six months and receipt of OASI or EL/PC.

Supplementary benefits

Eligible persons can receive annual benefits and an allowance for medical and disability costs, which are paid out monthly. Prerequisites include receipt of an OASI or DI pension or DI daily allowances, residence in Switzerland or EU/EFTA citizenship, and assets below the specified limits.

Care credits

There is a possible entitlement to supplements to pensionable income. Prerequisites include caring for close relatives in need of care, non-retirement of the carer and helplessness allowance for the person being cared for. Annual registration is required.

Care allowances

Some cantons offer allowances for family carers. Requirements and entitlements vary, with allowances ranging from CHF 800 per year to CHF 900 per month.

Relief vouchers

Some cantons and municipalities provide financial support for family caregivers in emergency situations with respite services for care or temporary stays in nursing homes. Conditions vary. Entitlements include vouchers of up to CHF 6'000 per year.

Salary for basic care

There is a possible entitlement to a salary for basic care as part of employment with a Spitex organization. Requirements in accordance with the KVG include a needs assessment, in some cases nursing training.

Supplementary benefits for loss of earnings

The maximum amount paid is the loss of earnings, and in some cases also the costs of employed care staff. The compensation depends on the financial circumstances of the EL/PC recipient. The conditions include that the family members providing care are not retired and are not included in the EL/PC calculation, that the care results in a significant loss of earnings and that a medical certificate is available.

Care allowance

There is an entitlement to up to 14 weeks' paid leave with a daily allowance of 80% of the previous income, up to a maximum of CHF 220 per day. The requirements under the Swiss Code of Obligations for the care of a minor, severely impaired child include the interruption of employment and the receipt of EO care allowance.

Helplessness allowance for adults in a care home

The DI helplessness allowance is based on the degree of helplessness and ranges from a maximum of around CHF 123 to CHF 490 per month. Helplessness, a duration of at least one year and residence in Switzerland are required. 

Helplessness allowance for adults at home

Depending on the degree of helplessness, the DI helplessness allowance varies from a maximum of around CHF 490 to CHF 1,960 per month. The prerequisite is helplessness of at least one year's duration and residence in Switzerland.

Assistance contribution for adults

There is an entitlement to an hourly rate based on qualifications or night services. Prerequisites include an adult person in need of care living at home, an employment contract, a non-related assistant, regular need for assistance for more than three months and receipt of DI helpnessness allowance.

Helplessness allowance for minors

The DI helplessness allowance varies depending on the degree of severity and ranges from around CHF 490 to CHF 1'960 per month. Prerequisite is helplessness of at least 1 year and Swiss residence.

Assistance contribution for minors

Entitlement is based on an hourly rate. Prerequisites include a minor person in need of care living at home, an employment contract, training or gainful employment of the person in need of care for at least 10 hours per week, or an intensive care supplement for a daily requirement of at least 6 hours of care and supervision, as well as receipt of a helplessness allowance from the DI.

Intensive care supplement

Compensation is based on the amount of care required and varies between a maximum of around CHF 980 and CHF 2'450 per month. An intensive care supplement does not apply in the case of residential care. Prerequisites include a minor with a daily care requirement of at least four hours and receipt of an DI helplessness allowance. 



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