Do you need help with technical concerns for devices to accompany people at the end of their lives? Our expert group is there for you. Here you can get help for all technical concerns.

This service is a field trial as part of an AAL research project. In dialogue with you, experts from universities and consultancies are looking for suitable technical assistance systems to increase the quality of life for people at the end of life.

Procedure of the free consultation


1. Idea

Tell us about your challenge or idea. Do you already have a device in use or are you looking for one? What problem would you like us to solve?

2. Dialogue

Our experts will contact you by email or telephone to discuss initial approaches. Afterwards, the team will look for suitable technical solutions for you.

3. Solution

After three weeks you will receive a proposal with different units to choose from. If possible, we will also support you with the set-up.

We look forward to hearing from you


Ihr Experten Team


Martin Morandel
Smart in Life
Martin Morandell is an expert in smart and assistive technologies. He has been working for more than 20 years on how technology can improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and people in old age. As a volunteer hospice companion, he gets direct input from the field. His motto is "High-Touch & Smart Tech". With Smart in Life he looks for suitable solutions and accompanies the introduction of technology. He is also active in teaching at various universities.
Birrer Edith
iHomeLab der Hochschule Luzern

Edith Birrer is a computer scientist (Dipl. ETH) at the iHomeLab of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, where she has helped to design numerous Active Assisted Living (AAL) projects. Together with her team colleagues, she uses her knowledge of various technologies to develop unobtrusive support systems for everyday life. For her, the focus is always on people. Her motto is: "Listening well is half the solution". Furthermore, she contributes her expertise to international committees for the evaluation of funding applications.

Richard Züsli
Pro Aidants

As a consultant in social and health care, affected family member and co-founder of Pro Aidants, interested in the contribution that technical support can make to solving the growing social challenges in social and health care. Collaboration in several research projects of the "Active and Assisted Living" (AAL) programme.

Josef Huber
WiQQi, SimDeC
As a lecturer at the OST, Josef deals with the issue of needs-based technology in the subject area of "Care & Technology". For this purpose, SimDeC in the heart of St. Gallen is used as a meeting place to exchange experiences. WiQQi is the "digital" counterpart where we - that is people with support needs, carers and counsellors - exchange our knowledge and experience. According to the motto: "WiQQi doesn't know everything - but if we share our knowledge, we all know more!